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Do you (or the person you wish to encourage) not yet have a trusting relationship with a local church? Are you working shifts or have a complicated schedule that makes regular weekly attendance difficult? Have you recently moved to another city? Or are you a ‘get-up-and-do’ and not a ‘sit-down-and-listen’ type of person? Perhaps you are like Drew, who lived across the street from a church but came to Christ through the Internet. It took him two years before he would cross the street and go to church, meanwhile online resources helped him grow. Or Heather, a professional engineer, who enjoys the daily opportunity to investigate the greatness of God which she can do from her desk at coffee break. Or Said (not his real name), a Jesus follower in a Muslim community, who finds that online resources are a safer way to learn.

By 2015, 68% of  Americans had a smart phone, providing the potential of a daily trigger to learn more about Jesus. We are a very ‘mobile’ society given the irregular hours and days that we are working and that 15% of Americans move each year. It is difficult to plan ahead, to set aside time for study and to integrate into a faith community.  The cell phone can be helpful tool in the interim.

There are two series of 40 Days of Discipleship, which use a short daily email sent to your mobile device or computer and contain a short Bible passage, a brief reflection and action questions.

The first series, the DNA of Discipleship is based on Neil Coles  model (used with permission). It offers practical steps in Bible reading (Divine truth), asking growth questions in community (Nurturing relationships) and prayer for sending  harvest workers (Apostolic mission or Advancing  the mission). It moves learners from spectators to participants in the Kingdom.

The second series looks at HOW to learn through the use of five learning verbs: Imagine, Connect, Risk, Reflect and Celebrate. These verbs help us think and act like disciples and are wonderfully empowering to experience God’s expanding kingdom.

The 40 Days of Discipleship is available in English, Spanish and French and can be used for mission trip preparation before going; can be shared onsite and Series 2 can be used to process the learning upon re-entry.

We celebrate having doubled NINE times in monthly registrations so far. If we double SEVEN more times we will reach a million. Pray for key infrastructure to be in place to handle the coaching necessary and wisdom how to encourage deployment into churches.

For more information contact Jim Klaas

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Jim,  we also posted this to the Mobile Ministry Forum... We will be profiling this in an upcoming communiqué. 

Thanks Clyde. I hope it will be an encouragement to others!

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