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We hosted our second virtual "meet and greet” on Thursday, April 20, 2017 with 11 participants. Here are the notes from the participants along with their insights. Scroll down for the recording of the live session.

To see a summary of our first meet and greet with 22 people (that includes working definitions for AR/VR), go here.

Here are the fascinating results of a 2017 industry survey on VR trends: VRX_2017_Survey..



Art Ayris ( Kingstone Comics, communicating biblical truth, Kingstone Bible (2000 pages, 10,000 panels, multiple languages), going to do graphic animation. Connected with Magic Leap yesterday. Partnering with many. A partner has committed $1M to do a motion comic version. Want to get the Scripture into small bites. Want to create a full experiential bible.

  Insights: Bandwidth is a big challenge.

Scott Santee (, Cru/Jesus Film, strategy developer. Irv Klaschus is developer for the team.

Larry Stephens (, Cru/R&D-President’s Office, leads working group for the last 2 years. Using the 360 video with students (examples here). GoPro reached out to them. Work with Casey Sapp. Filmed 400 hours of footage last summer. 50k views via conferences. Connected with Jesus VR (Enzo, Passion of Christ). Just met w Josh McDowell ($200k grant to do VR of ancient manuscript for digital archive). Connected with Magic Leap. Spent a day with Remington Scott (motion capture creator, created AR Jesus...AR version of Jesus pops up on tablet.


  - GoPro disbanded 360 app. Vimeo now takes 360 videos.
  - Would love to do more narrative driven projects. Waiting to see what Magic Leap does.
  - We need to be careful how we spend our money.
  - HTC Vive is leading on depth of field allowing more than 2-3 feet of phones will be more robust.

Brian Klebig ( ELS Pastor, student of Dr. Kuster, getting PhD in Communications. Lab manager for AR/VR/Motion Lab at Michigan State. Used mostly for research. Connected AR/VR to MoCap. May be offering BS in VR Development.


  - HTC Vives will be restructured.
  - Applied Materials (component developer) will triple in next three years.
  - Thinks AR will be way more advanced. Too good to not happen.
  - Semiconductor industry moving in this direction.

David Dicken ( Outreach Director of the Cause Church in Brea, CA. Works with refugees in Orange County. Have content used with refugees as discovery bible study (Werner Mischke). Works with church media team. Knows this will be a valuable tool. Wants to do Trauma Healing with refugees.

Liam Savage ( OneHope Innovation team, children and youth focus. Trying to put together AR app to distribute AR campaigns to allow people to explore stories about Christ. 

  - Be patient, control the team as much as possible, find partners (and the right ones), have to truly commit.
  - Immerse yourself. NY Times doing great journalist with VR. Then you will find intersections.

  - PlayStation VR is example.

Trey Coursey ( Director of Ops at 3Dreams Studio. Video production. Exploring AR / VR.

Dave Keesee ( 3Dreams Studio, 3D animation for 25 years. 3D environments for churches to develop funding (1000 churches). Expanded to working with universities as well. Collaborating with Michael Mathews, Director of Global Learning Center at ORU. Looking to bring 3D skills sets into AR/VR world. Clients of clients Download an app, view renderings of a new project, 3D panorama experiences, AR. Able to do a walkthrough of a project. We help people to share their vision.

  Insights: Follow your heart!!!!

Geoff Tunnicliffe ( Former Secretary General for World Evangelical Alliance. 2.5 years ago left to focus on media (Burnetts, Walden, etc.). Creating great content and delivery around the world. Chairs Christian Media Corp. Partners: YouVersion, PureFlix, Jesus VR with Motive, Media Farm. 


  - Sees VR exploding. 
  - Bandwidth is a big challenge. Working with a company coming out of stealth mode, able to take video and compress by 90% without loss of fidelity, will allow untethering of VR. Founder offering licenses for non-profits. (email Geoff for more info).
  - ComicStream has “breathing comics,” low bandwidth images out of comics.
  - Need to collaborate on content.

Dr. Tom Kuster ( Christ in Media Institute, Bethany Lutheran College, looking for resources. Have various projects: eg. remote congregations without a pastor. Can we put a virtual pastor in the pulpit?

Clyde Taber ( Visual Story Network, catalyst/connector/collaborator. Want to build a learning community of Christ followers in this space.


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