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On March 29, 2019 Mission ARVR hosted a gathering in virtual reality to learn how to get your ministry going in virtual reality from technology and ministry perspective. DJ Soto and LMichelle Salvant were the presenters. 

D.J. Soto is a pastor from the United States. He started the world's first virtual reality church. He is the owner of Sonata 7 Studios, LLC. which is a film production and virtual reality company. Lakeisha Michelle Salvant (L.Michelle) is an African American Media Maven...who founded, a company focused on helping Christian Faith & Educational Organizations find innovative ways of using Media to "Move You Forward!"

See the recording and note below. 

We encourage all Christ-followers interested in the kingdom application of AR and VR to join the "Mission ARVR" group on Facebook.

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Event Recording

Summary Notes

  1. DJ
    1. Why VR Matters
      1. Billions of dollars spent that haven’t been seen in fruition quite yet
      2. Available now more widely on consumer level
      3. 4th computer paradigm
        1. 1st paradigm: DOS
        2. 2nd paradigm: Mouse based computing
        3. 3rd paradigm: Smart phone
        4. 4th paradigm: VR/AR
          1. Use cases: surgery, gaming
    2. Where Do I Start?
      1. Not the $20 version :)
      2. 2 Major players for simplicity
        1. Oculus (owned by Facebook)
          1. Price is better
          2. App store is user friendly
          3. Oculus Rift: needs a strong computer to run it, $400, separate sensors
          4. Oculus GO: no computer or phone, $200
          5. Oculus Rift S: upgrade on the Rift, sensors are built into the headset, requires strong PC computer
          6. Samsung Gear VR:
          7. Oculus Quest: no computer or phone required, “iPhone of VR”, $400, DJ’s Rec, full motion with your hand
        2. HTC
        3. Vive? High end VR
          1. Cosmos is coming out
        4. Windows Mixed Reality...lesser player, least expensive and works well.
    3. Where is this heading?
      1. Realistic avatars
      2. Headsets are getting more advanced
      3. Retina resolution displays
      4. China plans to lead VR by 2025
  2. L. Michelle
    1. The World(s) Need Us
      1. Real Life
      2. Digital World: url-based
        1. Websites
        2. Blogs
        3. forums
      3. Social World: places of social exchange
        1. Facebook
        2. Instagram
        3. Twitter
      4. Immersive World: you are present
        1. AltSpace
        2. Google Street View
        3. Facebook 360
    2. Previous worlds are driven by information sharing/Immersive worlds are driven by experiences
    3. Get Immersive
      1. Smartphones are the beginning, think beyond the screen
        1. Ways to create experiences
      2. Be comfortable being uncomfortable
        1. Remember how big cell phones were
        2. You’re a pioneer
      3. Think of ways we can experience your world
        1. How can you bring people in
        2. Rule of thumb for VR vs traditional media: is it an experience vs an observation?
    4. Suggestions to get started
      1. Take/Post a 360 degree photo on Facebook 360
        1. Your church
        2. Your neighborhood
        3. Your mission trips
      2. Create a VR Tour
        1. Google Tour Creator (free)
        2. Google Cardboard Camera app (free)
        3. Google Expedition app
      3. Plan a meeting using Oculus rooms
      4. Be Social
        1. YouTube VR, Big Screen, Oculus
      5. Join a VR community
        1. VR communities are available for your specific hardware
        2. VR communities based on your interests
  3. Q & A (see recording)

Other Mission AR/VR events Here are the summaries and recordings...

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I am so thankful to you all for allowing me with this kind of technological paradigm shift meeting. Now it is more clear about what is VR, as its an experience in 4th paradigm of immersive world. Though I attend in 29th but I couldn't here any sound because of microphone. But this event recording met my frustration, thank you. 

I am also interested to know more about VR church, if there is any one, please? It seems to me that a technological revelation is at our door and every nation will be experiencing God's eternal love as we are commanded to reach. 

I am also very interested learn more and use VR, please. 

Thank you- Zakir Ahmed 


I am sorry you had audio issues. Here is the link where you can learn more about VR church as well as theological thinking about technology.


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