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Exec Summary: People of Faith & the Importance of Morality in Tech


Twenty people participated in our "Mission ARVR Network" online event on October 9, 2018. With more than twenty years of multimedia experience, Ash Greyson is an innovator, a change-maker and expert in helping companies transition to the digital universe. Ash gave four key ideas to help students of new media and professionals navigate the emerging world of VR technology. The 25-minute presentation was followed by Q&A and a networking timeThe notes, recorded webinar, and a partial participant list are below.

We encourage all Christ-followers interested in the kingdom application of AR and VR to join the "Mission ARVR" group on Facebook.

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Principles of Morality in Virtual Reality

1. Start with Empathy

  • There is not as much empathy visible on social media
  • It may be difficult to empathize with people who share different morals
  • However, we will not be able to discuss with them about morality until we are able to see their point of view.

2.  Continue with Utility

  • It is important to keep in mind how impactful the technology will be in the medium

3. Improve with Analysis

  • After the event or change, take a step back and try to understand the reasons as to what worked or didn't and why it did or did not work. 
  • Mom's Night Out: Discovered that the radio ads that were pushed out for it did not boost box office because target audiences couldn't take kids to see the movie. 

4. Optimize with Love

  • It is impossible to be great at anything you don't love. 
  • If our hearts are not fully invested in certain projects than it will show in our work. 

Additional Info

  • There is a huge group of Christian workers in the technology spectrum trying to find and implement morals into their work. 
  • The future of content will be the audiences looking for content rather than the makers trying to push the content out. 
    • For example, the Star Wars VR test is simply a teaser/trailer for the Star Wars universe. 
  • "We need to introduce accountability through presence", rather than simply try to enforce a restriction. 

Event Recording

Partial Participant List

  • Bob Bertz: Far East Broadcasting Company, curious as to how VR will affect how we consume media. 
  • L. Michelle: L. Michelle media, integrating faith/education into virtual, augmented and mixed reality,
  • D.J. Soto: Pastor of VR Church, founding member,
  • Steve Baughman: Chairman of EMBC,
  • Jay Cole: VR content creator,
  • Andrew Igen: Christain Broadcasting Company, interested in new technology,
  • John Sideropolus: Works in Branding/Motion graphics content
  • Zahir Ahmed: Teacher at a Christian Seminary in Bangladesh, wants to use smart phones to reach people
  • Tom Kuster: Professor in Christ in Media Institute at Bethany Lutheran College, 
  • Brian James: Frontiers, church planning amongst Muslims, interested in using technology to reach unheard people,
  • Paul Konstanski: Project Specialist with Cru,


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