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2016 Visual Media Strategy Forum Executive Summary

April 9-10, 2016

Horizon Village, Chiang Mai, Thailand


The world is increasingly saturated with media in even the remotest parts of the world. In Chad, the nomadic population is 1% literate, yet 80% own smart phones for talking and watching videos! Of the world’s 165 least-evangelized mega people groups, 61 have indigenous, evangelistic visual media (made by the people for the people in their heart language). That means 104 do not have their own evangelistic media. The 2020 Vision is a plan to see the first indigenous, evangelistic film made for each of these groups. Of the remaining 104 people groups, 30 films are in the process of being produced. Another 74 have been adopted but are waiting for films to be made.


-  83 mission strategists representing 36 organizations participated in the two-day Visual Media Strategy Forum.

- 30 people groups were adopted by participants representing 15 organizations committed to praying and partnering in order to produce the first indigenous media for a specific language group.

32 distinct people group partnerships were developed. 

- 16 teams met to make specific plans regarding their adopted people group.

- Presentations addressed collaboration, film production, cross-cultural films, cross-cultural animation and digital and mobile distribution methods.

- A variety of case studies were presented on indigenous films.

- 12 evangelistic products were showcased on Friday evening.

- There were several times of prayer on a 15 x 20 foot world map.

- A special tribute to veteran filmmaker Tom Silkwood was presented. Here is a tribute from Tom’s colleague, Mike Schrage. Tom is one of the first pioneers who emphasized creating media with, for, and by the local people of Asia.

- Working groups were formed around areas of geographic and linguistic interest.


Slide Show                         A 60-second slide show from the consultation. If your browser doesn’t support flash,                                              you may view the photos here.

2020 Vision Community    The online community for those committed to the 2020 Vision.

2020 People Group List     A downloadable list of the least reached people.

2014 VMSF Highlights       A 1:43 video with highlight clips from the 2014 gathering.

2020 Vision Video            A 2:43 video that tells the need for the 20/20 video.

Program Highlights

Devotionals led by Jim Green (JESUS Film Project) and Ty Stakes (Reach Beyond)

Worship was led by Scotty Meads (YWAM)

Indigenous Gospel Film Case Studies

Azerbaijan, Ceylon Moors, Kutchi People, Buoyi People, God’s Way, The Prophet’s Story

New Media Presentations

Media Strategy & Pre-Production (Carol Conkey)

Dynamics of Cross-cultural Film Production/Training (Steve Baldwin)

Principles of Partnership (Clyde Taber)

Practical Elements of Cross-cultural Film Production (Ben McClure)

Cross Cultural Animation (Dave Hudson)

Cross-Cultural Story Development (Dr. Wayne Dye, Johannes & Sharon Merz)

Distribution Presentations

Digital Distribution Methods (Calvin Conkey)

Mobile Media (Clyde Taber)

For More Information

Carol Conkey      

Cal Conkey    

Clyde Taber      

The Forum was hosted by Create International and the Visual Story Network in partnership with the Eurasia Media Distribution Consultation.   


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