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2014 Culture of Story Seminar Executive Summary

November 13, 2014

Bel Air Presbyterian Church, Los Angeles, California


It has been said, "He who has the best story wins." But in reality, “She who tells the best story wins.” She wins our attention, our interest, our loyalty and our financial investments. As Christ followers, we have the Greatest Story Ever Told, yet we do not tell the best stories. It is vital leaders create a culture of story within their organizations to have the influence and reach God desires.


66 leaders representing 48 organizations participated in the first Culture of Story Seminar hosted by the Visual Story Network. Participants learned from 11 TED-style presentations how story works best with the people we seek to influence, the organizations we lead and the content we create. Personal reflection and table discussions followed presentations. Each participant developed their own five-point action plan for better integrating story into their lives and leadership. Here is a 100 second slide show of the event (Safari doesn't always play nice).

Participant Remarks

“One of the best training seminars I’ve ever attended.” (Kirsten, David, Sandra)
“Thanks for the excellent, tight, fast-paced, interactive, helpful seminar!” (Mark)
“I tell stories every day to staff, clients, family and friends and I believe the concepts shared to day will move me from being a good story teller to a great communicator." (Dave)

Content   Some of the presentations are available to download.

      Why Story is Powerful and Universal   (table discussions)

      A Theology of Story   (Clyde Taber, Visual Story Network)                         Notes

      The Story Arc of the Bible  (Glenn Paauw, Biblica)                                     PowerPoint

      Plot vs. Story   (Dr. Drew Sams, Bel Air Presbyterian Church)

      Your Story is Your Brand   (Phil Cooke, Cooke Pictures)

      Seven Ways to Develop Characters   (Jeremy Casper, LAFSC)                    PowerPoint

      Cultivating Story Throughout Your Organization (Jenn Brown, OneHope)PowerPoint

      Three Act Structure   (Jeremy Casper, LAFSC)                                            PowerPoint, Streamed Recording

      Five Ways to Know You Have a Good Story  (Brian Bird, Believe Pictures) PowerPoint     

      Reaching Your Hard to Reach Audience (John Humphrey, I Am Second)   PowerPoint

      Ten Laws of Story    (Travis Mendel, Born Free Entertainment)                   PowerPoint

      Peeling the Layers of Your Faith Story  (Charlie Matz, Veracity CoLab)     Keynote

      The Next Five Steps You Need to Take  (Clyde Taber, VSN)

Bring the Story Seminar to Your Team

Visual Story Network will custom design a one-day seminar to train your staff in applying story to better fulfill your organizational mission. This is ideal for groups of 10-30 key staff to foster a culture of story within your organization. Your staff develop common vocabulary and learn to tell, write and produce stories that will accelerate your growth objectives. For more information, contact Clyde Taber at

Visual Story Network

The Visual Story Network is a tribe of 250 organizations and 1900 storytellers focused on communicating Christ to the ends of our visual world.

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