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Executive Summary: Leaning into the AR/VR World Webinar (Sep 6, 2017)


43 people participated in our free "Mission AR/VR Network" webinar on September 6, 2017. Jay Kranda (Saddleback Church Online Campus Pastor) shared "5 Principles on How the Church Can Adopt Technology, Social Media." L Michelle Salvant shared "Principles of Building VR Environments." The 15 minute presentations were followed by Q&A and a brief networking segment.

The notes, recorded webinar, and a partial participant list are below.

We encourage all Christ-followers interested in the kingdom application of AR and VR to join the "Mission AR/VR" group on Facebook.

We have also hosted AR/VR Meet and Greet events. Here is the June 30, 2016 summary and the April 20, 2017 summary.

Principles on How the Church Can Adopt Technology, Social Media, and the Internet

Jay Kranda is the Online Campus Pastor at Saddleback Church. 

1. Not an “Or” but an “And” type of option
     a. Connection on everything
2. Visuals are VITAL!
     a. 360 video with “Where’s Waldo?”
3. Livestream Everything (to have more Realistic Experiences)
4. Backstage Access
     a. How did this happen? People want to see how things happen
     b. Snapchat Face Filter
5. Focus on what your target wants
     a. The goal shouldn’t be to do everything
     b. Crayola Crayons

Principles of Building VR Environments

L. Michelle Salvant (, is a Media Maven who founded She created “BelieveVR,” a first of its kind Virtual Reality environment for Stories of Faith captured with 360-video technology (available on Google Play Store).

1. AR/VR is about Experience.
     a. Think about AR/VR from the standpoint of what they can encounter or undergo.
     b. She started with taking 360 photos. They have used Thing Link.
2. This is SOCIAL technology (anyone can do with a small amount of training)
3. Content is King, Unlock the environment without falling in it
4. Know the life side of what you want to show
     a. VR brings all past medias together
     b. VR experiences are like Cliff notes of Life, You can get it all right in time and leave like you lived it

Webinar Recording

Partial Participant List

Jeriah Dunk ( I do full-time video production, creative media, as well as marketing at a Church in Orange County called the Cause Church in Brea. I’m more interested in how to develop and use AR/VR in creative ways for ministry.

Jay Cole (, My background is as a video journalist working in Broadcast Television. I have been focused on sharing stories of Jesus working in people's life. Facebook is the main distribution channel. AR/VR is revolutionizing Church planting and Missions. I attended NAB 2017 and watched a documentary on a refugee was blown away by the immersive engaging in the story. I was blessed to Volunteer for the PEACE VR Experience For the Purpose Driven Church Conference where they built a Rwandan Village and created a 360 VR Experience from Rwanda over 600 church leaders went through the PEACE Experience.

Rudolf Kabutz: I contribute as Media Foresight Strategist into TWR and the Lausanne Movement: TWR – Africa,, Lausanne Media Engagement Network (,,, My key areas of passion are: featuring | visioning | partnering | creating | strategizing | impacting. Looking forward to connect with you in exploring and investigating the future of media and how we can prepare today for shaping the world of the future through media.

Tom and Bryan from GNPI ( We work with missionaries and nationals design strategies using media to help move seeker to disciples

Dave Rankin ( Richardson Texas, Digital Media Manager for Austin Texas Testimony, developing new media. we are a non profit film and video company serving non profits. I also serve Artists in Christian Testimony Intl as digital media manager.

Tim ( and work full-time with Frontiers on the mobiles and media team. We want to be closer to the forefront of merging tech and missions and so it’s my job to help think these things through and train our workers. I also run Expat Media Pro in which we aim to place Christians in media positions within missions/non-profit work for short or long term. Love seeing my tribe here - lots of familiar folks. I’m in Portland Oregon now having just left Mozambique last year where I was for 13 years.

Forrest Clark ( I'm a cinema student at Biola University in LA. I'm fiercely interested in VR for it's wide implications and the connections it can make.

Steve Baughman ( I chair the Steering Committee for EMDC. This is an annual meeting for the limited-access countries of Eurasia concerning media, orality, communication, and Scripture Engagement. Please me know if you want to be on the mailing list.

Roy Cameron ( I am from Costa Rica and work with CBN, the regional office for Latin America as Digital Media Manager.

Steve ( Richmond Virginia, Technology Services Leader for St. Paul’s Baptist Church, see how AR/VR works in multisite environment.

Jon Brunson, specializing in VR/AR sound design,

Zach King ( I’m not the Final Cut King, as some have asked), with Reach Beyond (formerly HCJB Global), as Emerging Media Coordinator in the area of Europe and Central Asia, assisting with new media projects and training within our organization, as well as partnering with other organizations we can assist with various media needs. Here to build a network and learn.

Antoine RJ Wright: "grandfather of mobile ministry" - says Clyde Taber UX/SDX i do a few things in and around UX/SDX and other tech folks figure out later on. I experiment and write about AR/VR and what that means socially, ethically, etc at The Mission & and few other places. Am here to just listen to what's happening in the space, not starting anything new.

Bob Gustafson ( Associate Professor & Internship Coordinator | Media Arts,, Twitter: @Bob_Gusto

Frank, coming from Uganda. working at on Icafe for Digital evangelism.

John Brito, looking forward to integrate AR/VR to church setting.

Tom Custer, Christ in Media Institute.

Cal Kohnke, founder of Create international, gospel film for unreached people, want to see how AR/VR can be used in missions.

Liam Savage, One Hope, Innovation with technology.

Joseph Mann, learning Blender- CGI open source program, trying to get into digital realm.

Brian James, wants to see how to better leverage reaching unreached people groups.

Ravi, Modesto, Interested in AR/VR.

Lulian, wants to be apart of AR/VR.

Janet S, all around techy person, missionary in Greece.


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