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Hey All,

I am working on development for a new film and I have been receiving some positive feedback on the last film I directed, Turn Around Jake.  I wanted to serve this audience for my next film but also wanted to take a little more of a service based approach and see if I could find out what the needs of churches and ministry folks were and see if I could make something that could fill those needs.

So, with that being said, are there any specific things that ministries are looking for in movies but can't seem to find?

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Wow! Jared, big topic. Difficult audience. Here's an interesting take by the Irwin brothers. A bold approach, but they have had some success. Not saying you should try this, but worth listening to their approach.

Very interesting view, I agree with a lot of what they say, but they do have some movies that helped in where their careers are at.  It doesn't change the fact that getting that type of money is super difficult for any filmmaker, Christian or Secular.

Beyond the global reach though, ministry professionals have to deal with some things more than others and lack material that might help them with it.  I don't think that is as much of a budgetary issue as what the Erwin Brothers are talking about.

I do wonder, though.  For someone who even uses mobile devices and the new generations in their research data, I find it odd that for wanting to start the conversation about Jesus, they immediately shut it down by disabling comments on their video.  In the digital landscape, building engagement on these platforms is key to building a strong community that will help spread the message.  Marketing is changing and throwing buckets of money at a marketing campaign might be good for promotion but they are missing an opportunity of knowing how to gather the "troops" through grass roots marketing.  A strong mixture of both would make this an even bigger success.

 Yes, it is very difficult to fund any film. I totally agree. Here are a few thoughts on funding.

Agreed on your thoughts about shutting down comments.

I'd love to touch base by phone to hear more about your vision. Email me at so we could find the time to talk.

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