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If you are self-publishing or recommending that others create 3GP video content for cell phones, you need to solve the "tagging" problem.

Files without tags can be very difficult to locate in a typical cell phone media directory. These directories rely on embedded tags for artist and album information.  While MP3 tagging programs are common, easy to find and easy to use, the 3GP tagging program I identified requires a bit of technical skill. After hours of searching, I discovered this solution. If anyone know of a better solution, please let us know.

AtomicParsley is an open source project devoted to the problem.

Unfortunately, it is a command line program that requires the user to type in very specific commands. You must download the program and install it. Open a command prompt window. The main thing is that you need to specifically state that the tag is a 3gp tag: At the prompt type AtomicParsley.exe test1.3gp --3gp-title "title" 

test1.3gp is the name of the file in the same directory that is being tagged. [title] is the title that you want to embed in the file.
This command makes a temp file. For me, it made: test1-temp-2220.3gp

You can see the results of it this action with this command: AtomicParsley.exe -t test1-temp-2220.3gp

You will see the following: User data "titl" [lang=eng (utf8)] : title

3gp tags are limited to:

title [optional] - Title of the media copyright [optional] - Copyright information
author [optional] - Source author
description [optional] - Media description
album [optional] - Media album

There is more to understand about how to do batches of tiles in a directory, but I hope this gets you started on the right foot. 

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