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Anyone taking the concept of "Transmedia" and running with it in the ministry world?  We all talk about deepening engagement and developing community via our outreach and this seems a quite powerful (albeit potentially complex/difficult) way to do it.  I've enjoyed a couple videos showing its potential (The Future of Story and An Amazing Time to Be a Storyteller) and this is a webpage on getting started in transmedia.

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Hi Keith,


I didn't see this post until today. I have asked in the past for input from VSN folks doing transmedia storytelling, but haven't heard much. 


We are working on a project right now that I am proposing to be a transmedia project. We've been gathering partners. It will be in Eurasia. I'll check out your links. 


I'd love to hear what you are hearing. 



Lance Weiler, what a creative out-of-the-box guy.  Would love to have someone like that to work with!!

The Tribeca Film Institute has a series of insightful videos on Transmedia posted on their blog, taped during their "Transmedia Lab" which was run this past summer.  Here are the links:

Wendy Levy on Embracing Emerging Technology

Ben Moskowitz on the Web as a Platform

Lina Srivastava on Multiple Platforms

Mark Belinsky on Phones as "Mobile Homes"

Susana Ruiz on Social Action Games

A Transmedia Lab Q&A

THANKS Keith, very helpful as we try to navigate the "monster" we call transmedia.

"Monster" does seem an apt description!  This level of fore-planning and integration cannot come easily.


Another helpful link would be the Tribeca Film Institute's fine collection of existing transmedia projects-  My favorite book on innovation is called "Borrowing Brilliance" and having the chance to see what others have done and how they handled the difficulties they faced allows me to borrow some of the amazing brilliance that is out there.

Thanks again Keith!!  Yep, I like borrowing good ideas ... makes one feel "dumb" at times!! :)

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