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Greetings all; as I said on the comment wall, I'm involved over in the Mobile Media Ministry Group here at VSN and with a project that I and another VSN member are working towards, we'd like some assistance in terms of content and getting pointed in the right direction.

Below is a portion of a prepared letter that we are using to ask for content or awareness towards content/promotional materials for our kiosk. Please consider our request and pitch/pray in where you can. Thanks in advance:

--- Letter ---

Greetings friends and visitors of the Visual Story Network; my name is Antoine RJ Wright and I am one of several persons participating within the Mobile Media Group here. This group was formed after the 2009 VSN Leadership Conference in order to help push forward relationships and activities around mobile technology used in media missions engagements.

One of the relationships that has come from this has been between my company (Mobile Ministry Magazine) and the Kiosk Evangelism Project. The Kiosk Evangelism Project is a ministry whose goal is to go beyond the web by using kiosks as a distribution mechanism for free Biblical-centric materials such as audio Bibles, Gospel messages, videos, and music.

We are at the point in our project where in terms of content acquisition, we are looking for international and multi-lingual music content which would be made freely available via the kiosks. We'd like your assistance in bringing this content to those who will be positively effected by the freely available content from this kiosk. To that end, we are in need of three items:

  1. Content: donations of copyright free and/or unlicensed international and multi-lingual music (MP3) which can be added to the kiosk units for free downloading
  2. Connections: contacts of those persons whom are involved in music distribution, promotion, or production whom would be interested in utilizing the kiosk as both a means to distribute and promote music to underserved areas; and
  3. Ideas: your input regarding music on this kiosk (relationships with companies, artists, local listeners; leads to additional music sources, etc.)

Moving forward on these three items will allow the Kiosk Evangelism Project to continue forward with a wealth of content to serve our brothers and sisters who - though they have access to a mobile phone - might not have access to Bibles, audio, and video which would be very vital to spreading the Good News to the ends of the earth.

The Kiosk Evangelism website ( is filled with more information about the kiosk, including how it is positioned for three specific target audiences. As we can all probably relate, music is a pretty sound motivational and shareable tool.

If you are able to contribute in one of the above noted areas, please feel free to contact myself or W. Stephen Keel (also here at VSN) as we heading this effort. If you are not able to contribute, please pass the word about the kiosk to others around you who might be interested in learning more, or simply just keep us in prayer. This is a very large and far-reaching vision and God's been extremely gracious in even allowing us to get to this point in the project.

Thank you for your time, and I hope that you and your work can be a continued ember to the fire that God's using towards the ability of using technology as a means to extending the promise of His life to all people.

---End Letter ---

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HI Antoine! I will forward this to several folks. I have some great contacts in music and in the Christian Comic Arts Society who should be interested in this. I can post this as a news item on our site if you'd like as well. Let me know if you would like me to do that. Please let me know your email address. I send out a few intro emails to refer people to you. It would be good also to have a brief chat by phone. Please give me a call at 949 528 3359. :) Scott
Totally cool. Email is mobileministrymagazine (at) gmail.
You might want to connect with John Gaither as well. He is in the community He is with Keynote the music ministry for Campus Crusade for Christ.


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