Visual Story Network

Creative Resources and Downloads


VSN Strategic Planning Diagram.ppt A PowerPoint that outlines the core mission and values of the Visual Story Network.

20:20 Vision Proposal.doc To produce and distribute at least one contextual evangelistic media tool for every one of the Least Evangelized Mega Peoples (LEMP) by the year 2020, so that every one of these unreached people groups can clearly see and understand the gospel message.

LOP48_IG19 Media and Technology.pdf "The Rainbow, The Ark and The Cross," the 2004 Lausanne paper on the use of media in the context of the Great Commission and the Great Commandment.

Network Building

Partnership Field Guide.pdf A 60-page guide from visionSynergy on best practices in working effectively with other organizations.

Effective Collaboration in Global Christian Ministry by Phill Butler.pdfDecades of pioneer experience in networking building can be found in this article. Phill's book "Well Connected" is the authoritative work on kingdom networks. This article distills it into 20 pages.



Contextualizing the Gospel in a Visual World.pdf A 900 word article to appear in the World Evangelical Alliance "Connections" journal about key shifts needed in the Church's approach to missions.

Devotion on Visual Story_Rob Hoskins 1.24.10.pdf Rob Hoskins gave this devotion at the VSN Planning Weekend on January 24, 2010. A great call to effectively communicate through the language of visual story.

Visual Story Movement_2009.ppt A PowerPoint presentation outlining the need for a global movement.

A New Move of God's Spirit_VSN 9.13.08.doc 2008 VSN White Paper on the need for visual story.

Media That Transforms Nations.doc A chapter written by Carol and Calvin Conkey on the power of new media to reach the least reached.

Visual Storying_Hoskins-Causey.doc 2006 White Paper on visual media by Rob Hoskins and Chad Causey.


Mobile Ministry

Getting Started in Mobile Media Ministry.pdf 11 page article on issues related to using the mobile device as a ministry communication platform.

Mobile Ministry Made Easy - ebook.pdf 38 page overview of how to begin to think about mobile ministry. 


Antoine's Visual Notes of 2011 Mobile Ministry Consultation.pdf Great visual representation of the big ideas from the 2011 Mobile Ministry Consultation.

mMinistry WebLinks- Evangelism-Discipleship-Church-World Missions.pdf

mMinistry WebLinks- Mobile Capabilities-Uptake-Future Trends.pdf

mMinistry WebLinks- Health-Education-Development.pdf

Even You Can Publish the Gospel.doc This is a practical paper on how to use micro SD cards to distribute evangelistic content through a mobile phone.



Common Mistakes Made By New Filmmakers.pdf CJ Powers outlines the most common rookie mistakes.

A Spiritual Guide to Independent Film Making.doc Filmmaker Les Butchart gives insight into the faith component of visual story telling.



VSN Highlight Reel.doc Glimpses into VSN and its impact.

Worship & Arts in Missions - How God is Shaping Ministry New Millennium final 2009-0311.doc Article by Rev. Byron Spradlin about the significant role of the artist in missions.

Mediating Transcendance Abstract.doc An abstract from VSN member Johannes Merz about the impact of media in Africa.



HIV : AIDs Prevention Through Dramatic Film.doc Brown, W. J., Kiruswa, S. K, & Fraser, B. P. (2005) report on examples of entertainment media in East Africa focused on HIV / AIDs prevention.


Picturebooks as Visual Literacy_Gerrard, Emily_MA Thesis  The influence of illustrations on second grader's comprehension of narrative text.

Superbook_A Case Study.doc Brown, W. J., & Fraser, B. P. (1997, May) provide an analysis of the reasons for the successful diffusion of Superbook across international and cultural boundaries. Lessons are drawn from this case study that can address the diffusion of future entertainment-education programs.

Storytelling in Christian Education.pdf Biola student Brad Stutzman gives an overview of how storytelling is an important teaching device.


Media Saturation
Media Penetration 4.2.08.pdf 2008 article addressing the growing status of media penetration worldwide.

2010 Kaiser Presentation.pdf 2010 Kaiser Family Foundation Slide presentation on the use of media by youth in America.

2010 Kaiser Full Report.pdf2010 Kaiser Family Foundation research report on the use of media by youth in America.

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