Visual Story Network

How to Get the Most Out of VSN


  1. Check out our values to see if VSN is a good fit for you. Learn how to use the site

  2. Create a profile (select "sign-in"). Please use your picture and not a logo. Please include your web address so we can see the organization or work you represent. It may take a day to approve your profile.

  3. Post segments of your work under videos or photos.

  4. Contribute to groups, discussion forumsblogs and events (each page has an "add" button).

  5. Learn more under the Resources section. You'll find story training videos, a visual resource wiki, and downloadable articles.

  6. Set your email filter to allow to receive periodic updates.

  7. Find people near you or who share your specific area of interest using the search feature. Type in your criteria in the white search boxes (e.g. 'producer,' 'California,' etc). 

  8.  Find content by typing in what you're looking for in the search box on the top right of the page (it searches all content, not just people).  For example, "film festivals." 

  9. Drag and drop your "Profile Information" box from "My Page" to the top of the page (above "Latest Activity", etc.) so it is easier for others to see who you are when they check out your profile page.

  10. Remember our goals and have a blast!

            Connect visual storytellers with one another

            Collaborate on projects, products, and partnerships.

            Train new storytellers.


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