Visual Story Network

Our Values

In working together…

• We build relationships of trust and integrity. Jesus commanded us to love one another and prayed for our unity.

• We seek to be good stewards as a catalyst for the wise and synergistic use of resources.

• We seek to be generous and open-handed.

• We strive to resolve conflicts biblically.

• We generously impart the wisdom and training we have received to the next generation.

In creating content…

• The kingdom of God should always be in view. Content should be informed by a biblically-based worldview.

• We support the need for different kinds of content to speak to people in different places on a spiritual continuum. Some content will have a didactic nature and answer questions and some content will provoke and invite people to raise questions about their spiritual journey.

• Visual story augments life-on-life ministry. Media does not replace human contact, but supports it.

• Cultural and linguistic relevance should be pursued.

• Quality cannot be subjugated to message. The message is important, and so is the medium. We encourage quality to be pursued in all endeavors.

Kingdom-First DNA

“Kingdom first, commerce second” is at our core. We encourage network participants to focus on serving vs. selling. We want the Visual Story Network to be a place where the table is round and the playing field is flat. We don’t want participants involved because they need to sell an idea, product, or service. We want people and organizations to participate in the community because they have something to contribute (an idea, a resource, leadership to a collaborative project, etc.) as well as something to gain (an idea, a new model, a partnership, involvement in a project bigger than themselves). Inevitably, those who serve others well find they are blessed with relationships that may lead to commercial opportunities.

Guiding principles for our non-commercial nature

• Each participant will keep organizational goals secondary by considering what greater good we can achieve together than we can alone. This means everyone is invited to contribute ideas, strategies, products, and time toward accomplishing more together than we can alone so a visual story movement will grow. Given this, it is expected that partnerships and projects will emerge that will involve only certain participants based upon common interest.

• Regarding VSN events: Each participant is expected to cover their own costs. Since participation is entirely voluntary, VSN will work hard to make participation accessible in terms of cost.

• Participants from the non-profit and for-profit world are welcome. Roughly 25% of the VSN participants represent a “for-profit” model, the rest work in a non-profit context.

We recognize this is a dance. We strive to be a collaborative, missional, Christ-centered community.


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