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We live in a unique hour of the history of the Church. We believe we are a privileged generation. We envision ourselves as a great move of God's Spirit across the nations. We accelerate disciple making movements among the nations through the power of media, story and innovative technology. We see ourselves...

-    as part of a movement of visual storytellers taking the life and kingdom of Jesus to the ends of the earth. We will be part of the generation that sees the fulfillment of the Great Commission. Every person deserves the chance to become a child of God.

-   as innovators communicating in the visual language unique to each of our cultures.

-   establishing communities of faith in the darkest parts of the earth for the Lord's glory. 

-   being faithful stewards of the Greatest Story and the greatest stories inspired by the Great Story.

-   generously imparting the wisdom and training we have received to the next generation.

-   empowered by the Holy Spirit

-   becoming, as well as developing, multiplying disciples to address the darkness of the evil one.

What is the problem we are trying to solve?

After 2000 years, the Good News of Jesus has still not reached every person on the earth. The Church has been slow to adopt new forms of communication in our era of rapid change. Critical Gospel opportunities are lost. Because the world is increasingly screen-dominated, story-oriented and mobile-saturated, the Visual Story Network seeks to foster three fresh moves of God within the global body of Christ.

1. Visual Media Movement. Churches and ministries will develop greater “visual literacy” and more effectively allocate resources to media strategies.

Need: Tens of thousands of churches and ministries are awakening to the power of visual communication. They are looking for trusted, expert resources to guide them in their pathway to visual communication.

2. Story Movement. Leaders and content creators will integrate the key principles of story in the content they create and the ministry strategies they develop.

Need: Few leaders understand the art of story as it relates to the content they create (film, video, sermons) and the strategies they develop. Christians have been losing the battle for people’s hearts and minds by not telling the most compelling stories. It is not the one who has the best story that wins, it is the one who tells the best story. As stewards of the grand narrative of Scripture, we have the best story, but far too often we do not tell the best stories.

3. Innovative Technology Movement. Mission organizations will adopt appropriate, innovative strategies in their ministry outreach helping reach people through their mobile devices, augmented reality and virtual reality.

Need: By 2020, everyone over the age of 9 will have their own mobile device, yet there are very few effective tools and strategies developed to use this technology in outreach and discipleship.

Here are our core values.

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