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Exec Summary: Media & Movements


On October 23, 2018, 14 people representing eight organizations gathered to learn from one another about their role in using media to foster on-the-ground movements (DMM, CPM). The goal was to give participants the opportunity to learn what the others are doing. Everyone shared their area of interest, the resources they have to offer as well as the things they are looking for. There was a…


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comics for the soul

Cave Pictures Publishing is a new indie publisher of comics and graphic novels for the spiritually sensitive. As a wall for modern myth-making, Cave is cultivating stories that raise deep questions of meaning and truth. The Hollywood Reporter announced Cave's launch in a recent…


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Consider these visual resources for Christianity and this warning by Tim Challies


These can be used on Sundays and at home with kids.
The kids are in a very visual generation. This summarizes complex biblical lessons. 
The annual membership could be a bargain. …

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Hey Good Looking – Nobody’s Looking

Hey Good Looking – Nobody’s Looking

Colossians 3:12-14 tells us about some pretty gorgeous attire. "Clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience. Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. And over all…

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So What!

God Is Waiting For You

Life was mute – With very few rainbows.

And there were only puny, fleeting sunsets.

No time to notice anything, too many goals.

Too busy - Numb to…


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Ready to have your understanding of the Bible greatly expanded?

Sunday afternoons and evenings is my time for rest like a nap as well as online Bible study.

I have watched many Christian video biographies then.

That is when I heard the Tozer audiobook

Today I encountered this video that opened my eyes to understand the Bible from a very different and totally Scriptural perspective.

A Bible teacher who has been teaching for many years and is the brains behind Bible Project works with his partner…


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The Universal Bond

The Universal Bond

By, Toni Smothers


Don’t  you see the shape bent over,…


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Dim those lights!

I was listening to a pastor on tv the other day talking about what has happened to our Church services in most Churches

I believe (started by sincere worship leaders) most of our worship services have turned into theatrical events. Complete with lights off or dimmed to the point you can not read your bible to follow the pastor if you wanted to, to bright spotlights…


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The Joke’s on us wake up

The Jokes is on the American people. (just my opinion)

The circus that we are seeing in Washington on a daily basis is just one part of the socialist wing of the Democratic party’s plan to take down America as we know it and turn it into a socialist country and eventually a part of the new world order controlled by one man (meaning a group that holds control of most of the money in the world) with a one government rule, with the leader/president just a figurehead…


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I have been enjoying this other work by Tozer - The Knowledge of the Holy

I deeply appreciate how God used Tozer to weave together deep devotion, biblical theology, and some mysticism. 
Ultimately when a Christian prays or worships they are operating as a mere mortal and communicating with a divine being. That is a metaphysical event. Yet our western rational minds do not let us recognize it as a spiritual incident. When this is full embraced then the mystical arises. …

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Ready for a Massive Artistic Challenge?

I dare you to dig deep inside and boldly share the truths you find. 
If you want a creative challenge then consider a series on the 7 deadly sins. 
During these times the word sin is rarely used inside or outside the church. Yet sin is real 
The gospel message addresses how Jesus Christ forgave our sins. But if we do not recognize our sins then there is no platform for conviction and motivation to repent. 
We are in a very visual age. By using…

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Helping You Achieve Your Creative Dreams - The Cultivated Artist Experience

The Cultivated Artist Experience
Sponsored by The Grove Center for the Arts & Media

October 2018 thru June 2019

A One-Year Artistic Coaching Experience Designed to Help You Reach Your Goals…


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Taking a Bold Step of Faith: From Journalism to Screenwriting and Beyond

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart, and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path.” Proverbs 3:5-6.

That scripture's been a pillar of truth for believers over the millennia, and also for me in my walk of faith. Two years ago, I became convinced the Lord was leading me to a radical change of profession. So after…


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Story the Gospel

In March 2018, I gave my Story workshop at the Eurasia Media & Distribution check consultation in Thailand. After the session, Yuri, a brother from East Europe, asked me if I would like to hear his "storying the Gospel."…

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Progress Not Perfection

Writing this has been therapeutic for me and I hope it helps you.


I did not make specific prayer requests here but many are implied.



There are many sayings in the 12 step community that have helped me over the years.

The saying that has helped me recently is this, progress and not perfection.


I feel disappointed inside that there is so much I want to do yet it…


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Tea Made Me Think

Just now I am brewing tea for kombucha tea.

As I looked at those dry tea leaves I considered what it took to get that product to me.

How many people and processes were involved?

The packaging took talented and smart…


Added by John S. Oliver on August 1, 2018 at 11:59am — 1 Comment

Tea Made Me Think

Just now I am brewing tea for kombucha tea.

As I looked at those dry tea leaves I considered what it took to get that product to me.

How many people and processes were involved?

The packaging took talented and smart…


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Please view these video lessons about church history

During Sunday afternoons I normally go online to learn more about Christian education. This is like my substitute adult Sunday school class.

Recently I came to this 2 part video series that shows church history. I offer this to you for your edification. I have read books on the subject and seen many videos. This is the best overview I have seen. It gives the historical context for our current conditions.

Generally, church history is messy, bloody, and ignored. …


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I feel conflicted about this emphasis on storytelling. Is there a slippery slope to biblical error? What do you think?

Please comment if you understand what I am saying here.

Let me know how you have navigated the old adage the methods change but the message stays the same. 

It seems like a slippery slope of majoring on the container of the message without great care to the biblical soundness of the content. 

Kindly follow me as I ramble some about these matters I am processing.

Please pray earnestly that God will grant me His wisdom about this…


Added by John S. Oliver on June 29, 2018 at 11:58pm — 2 Comments

Cowboy and Preacher premiere - June 14th at 2.45pm, Grauman's Chinese Theater

Dear Friends,

It's taken eight years of seemingly impossible challenges! We have been consumed by a burning desire to make a film that explores and challenges what I think is one of the most important issues today - that Christians are backing away from their environmental responsibilities. My documentary 'Cowboy and Preacher' features the person who I think addresses this issue best - Vineyard pastor Tri Robinson - and the film explores and challenges the intersect between…


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