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We're looking for great stories to film.

Moving Works is a nonprofit ministry that partners with the body of Christ to make and share films that praise God, promote mission, and proclaim the Gospel. Every film is given away for free in order to most effectively encourage and equip the global church to share the message of Jesus…


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30 Ways to Better Reach New People and Engage Your Audience


30 Ways to Better Reach New People and Engage Your Audience

This podcast by Story  Brand gives an overview of an abundance of options you can use to improve your story telling that will improve the connections and interactions with your…


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Learn what happens in the brain when hearing stories

Our latest Freakonomics Radio episode is called “This Is Your Brain on Podcasts” (You can subscribe to the podcast at iTunes orelsewhere, get the RSS feed, or listen via the media player…


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Digital State of the Planet for 2016

Every year, We Are Social produces an amazing report on digital, social and mobile usage around the world. I encourage you to look through the first 25 slides in the slidedeck below. 

The key statistics for digital, social, and mobile media in 2016 are:

  - 3.42 billion internet users, equaling 46% global penetration;

  - 2.31 billion social media users, delivering 31% global penetration;

  - 3.79 billion…


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Just joined from Scotland

Hi Everyone, I've just joined the Virtual Story Network. I've recently been learning how to use iMovie on my iMac, with a view to making some short films or animations. I've also recently been helping a friend with his Drive-In Church , see:

Yours George

Added by George on August 3, 2016 at 6:59pm — 2 Comments

Seeing Rachel is in development


Our new feature film, Seeing Rachel is in development. The story focuses on human trafficking and organised crime; it will be shot in Bristol, UK. We are looking to go into production in Spring 2017.

The film is a psychological noir crime drama with the suspense of Hitchcock and the paranoia of Pakula (Klute, All the President's Men, The Parallax View).

Our social media channels are up and running and you can find out more here:…


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20/20 Vision Training and Advocate Resources


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Middle East Media Follow Up and Response

Following more than a year of research, Media Impact International (MII) is releasing its report on Media Response & Follow-up in the Greater Middle East.


The vision has been to enhance the Kingdom of God by ensuring that when someone responds to Christian media, that there are effective systems and people in place to come alongside those…


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Jop Opening: International Director GNPI

Good News Productions, International is an international media ministry. We are looking

for a highly motivated self-starter to join our leadership team full time in Joplin, Missouri.

We are seeking a person who is able to manage multiple projects with short deadlines

and little supervision. GNPI is in the process of launching several new initiatives in web

and social media platforms, so we are looking for someone well versed in digital media



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Strengths and Weaknesses of Storytelling for Christianity


I have told many stories about my journey before and after coming to saving faith. There were highlights like the morning I came forward for prayer about my new job when an elder at an Assembly of God church. At that moment I could not speak. He asked if I had received Jesus Christ as my Savior. I shook my head no. He asked if he could pray for me and I shook my head yes. Then he began to lead me in the sinner prayer and suddenly I could pray. While I was pray…


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My Tribute to ALL Mothers

I am forever grateful for the relationship God gave me with my mother.


She was a caring person.


Her guidance and example led me to have a love of learning. Thanks to her example I have come to highly value reading and libraries.


She had been an elementary school…


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Social project for schools in Brazil.

This project arose from the dream of a missionary and aims…


Added by Paulo Silas Martins Junior on April 27, 2016 at 1:00am — No Comments

Hello VSN Team - First blog post.

Hello everyone. My name is Paul,

I am of Florianopolis,

southern Brazil.

I am a…

Added by Paulo Silas Martins Junior on April 27, 2016 at 12:39am — 1 Comment

'Hearties' Mobilize To Drive Hallmark's Top-Rated Show

Our grass roots fan movement for When Calls the Heart is no longer a best-kept secret. Look who is taking notice of the #Hearties... Forbes Magazine. It all ramps up again tonight, Feb. 21, 9 p.m./8 central, as Season 3 of our "little show that could" moves to the TV week's most competitive night. The Hearties have become a worldwide…


Added by Brian Bird on February 21, 2016 at 6:52pm — 1 Comment

Sharing Scripture through Visual Translation

Several years ago I began studying whole books of the Bible by drawing a simple sketch of each scene, trying to capture all the important details, and then incorporating them into very large (5 ft x 7 ft) paintings of the entire book. I have completed Mark (95 scenes), Acts (85 scenes), the Life of Abraham (61 scenes) and Revelation, as well as smaller paintings of the first 7 chapters of John.

Here is the Mark 1-9…


Added by Debby Topliff on February 9, 2016 at 1:51pm — No Comments

How Deep is Your Discipleship?

All followers of Jesus have the privilege of carrying his life and light to others. One of the last things Jesus impressed upon his followers was the need to do this. In Matthew 28, Jesus tells his people to impart to others what he entrusted to them ("all that I have commanded you"). They are to embrace his teaching to the extent that they identify with him publicly and in community ("baptizing them…").



Added by Clyde Taber on January 19, 2016 at 10:00pm — No Comments

Breakthrough Progress for the Unreached

All 166 of the 2020 Vision languages have been adopted! These are the languages with one million or more speakers and no indigenous gospel film. Our next goal is to see the next 80 indigenous films produced.

This will be the focus of our Visual Media Strategy Forum in Chang Mai, Thailand on April 8-9 (right after the April 4-7 Eurasia Media and Distribution Conference).…


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My Thanksgivings for 2015

This Thanksgiving season I think back on the many blessings of my life.


I have made the following list of what I am thankful for.



My mother

She left her job as an elementary school teacher to stay at home in…


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Moving Works

Moving Works is a nonprofit ministry that partners with the body of Christ to make and share films that praise God, promote mission, and proclaim the Gospel. Every film is given away for free in order to most effectively encourage and equip the global church…


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