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"How to Entertain and Engage Spiritually" webinar PART 2 of 3 was very inspiring!

 A BIG thanks to our presenter David Nixon. It was so inspiring to hear all that God had done on David's movies in order to make them as successful as they have become.  We had a VSN record with 23 people listening and participating within this webinar.


 Here are the links to the recorded webinar (57 minutes).



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"Get My Story Started" webinar PART 1 of 3 was a success!

Part 1 was a great success. A BIG thanks to our presenter Brian Bird.  We had 20 participants join us in learning "How to Know You have a Good Story"

His main points were:

1. Do you have confirmation from at least TWO other people whose opinions you trust? Mommy and Uncle  Joe don't count.

2. Why are true stories better… as opposed to fictional stories?

3. Does your film have the WOW or GEE WHIZ…


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Mobster turned Minister inspires movie!

Hello friends.

Below is the post that has posted about my next feature film Titled MobsterToMinister


"Travis Mendel, an international filmmaker whose German film COPPELIUS was shown at the Cannes Film Festival, has turned his attention to the story of Thom Miller, a former Death Row inmate who is now a prison minister.


Miller, who…


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Hey guys,

Thanks so much for your interest. Here’s the deal. We have been given 100,000 to make a film in Ethiopia. Now we just need YOUR script!

Here’s what we are looking for:

A polished script that is ready to go!

A script that can be easily adapted to…


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User Generated -Youtube documentary "Life in a Day"

Hello friends.

This just came live.

I am only posting this here. This is an AMAZING opportunity for the VSN network. A very big hollywood director wants to make a youtube generated documentary by taking footage from all around the world on July 24th. There are still many questions as to how exactly this film will be put together. I am still investigating as to exactly what this is. BUT It is very exciting for film people especially VSNers to have the offer to show what life for them… Continue

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Exactly my thoughts!

Hey guys,

here is a great interview from Barbara that has to do with where the church is and where the church ought to be and what the church's perception is on the medium of film and filmmakers in General.

There were a lot of interesting things in there and I found myself saying amen, more then once.


Blessings from Germany


Barbara Nicolosi-Harrington is a screenwriter, author, and professor at Pepperdine University. The founder of… Continue

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We (Christians) have created a phenomenal subculture .......... But what we’ve really done is create a ghetto that is easily dismissed by the rest of society.

Interesting topic that started over on FB! Was curious if you guys have any extra thoughts to add to this topic?

cheers from Germany



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Haitian orphans compared to American orphans... Who are MORE IMPORTANT????

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Haitian Orphans and American Orphans

I was among the first to get caught up in a rumor last week that a plane carrying 300 Haitian orphans was headed for Indianapolis and families were needed to care for them. It was a feel good idea, just what the doctor ordered… Continue

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Live updates from Haiti!

Several friends of mine from my home church are over in Haiti, getting things done.

The local paper is following and blogging about it, just in case you were curious!

and also on facebook @…


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THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX a new marketing concept 1,000 True Fans

Wow 2 great articles you need to read if you are trying to create for yourself a fan base. Both article are based off of 1000 true fans. Here's a small taste from both articles.

Article 1

I think the ability to find and organize 1,000 people is a breakthrough opportunity. One thousand people… Continue

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Tiger Woods

I want to rant real quick!

It is REDICULOUS how the media and society demand to know EXACTLY what happened with his accident. It's as if his fans are OWED the story and the truth. Give me a break! Just because you read his twitters or watch his commercials or see him on the television when he makes his next putt doesn't mean he has to tell YOU why he did what he did.

Lastly my best guess, is that he and the wifey were in a big argument and he either left in the car and the… Continue

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Hi friends,

A friend of mine just told me about a christian production company that is looking for a script in the 300k range, and wondered if I had any. "The theme of the feature film must include a strong element of Agape Love, but hopefully won't be too churchy" All genres welcome! If you think your script might be a good fit then give me a 1 pager in expanded query letter form, by tomorrow October 29th your time,(My deadline is the 30th) then I will gladly send it in to the producer.… Continue

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So I just stumbled across this website;

I don't know that much about them, but aesthetically and from a production value standpoint it is well put together. It appears that they have people's life stories who have been changed by God. Some famous, some not so famous.

A few things that I was instantly wondering about however. If the creators of this website, of this movement are wanting to "share" the gospel and tell how God has changed his or her life and can do that for… Continue

Added by Travis mendel on October 17, 2009 at 7:51pm — 4 Comments

Stoking a fire with FIREPROOF

Hi friends,

My wife and I finally sat down and watched Fireproof. She loved it, I wasn't quite as impressed. Having competed against fireproof with one of my own films in a film festival and having personally heard from Stephen Kendrick and hearing their hearts and watching what God has done through them and their movies, I can only say praise God! However it brings me to my point of interest. I am relatively new to the idea of creating media content. I believe my main purpose is to… Continue

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Dear friends,

Having missed out on the VSN summit, I am wanting to stay plugged in by hearing your stories. My question is, IS GOD FAITHFUL? It's been a crazy year for me, and I realized that I have lost belief in HIS FAITHFULNESS. It was such a shock to me as I finally realized what the problem was. I am wondering if some of you would love to share stories of GOD'S FAITHFULNESS to not only encourage me but also other struggling filmmakers. How did GOD come through? How has he been… Continue

Added by Travis mendel on September 23, 2009 at 3:14pm — No Comments film contest

Hey everyone...

here is a real practical way that you could all help me out!

I have entered my last film ( a 30 sec advertisement) to a contest that is basically judged on whoever gets the most views automatically advances to the next round of judging. Their is a 30 thousand dollar 1st place prize, money that I could really use to continue my work for the Lord.

If you could each take ONE MINUTE out of your day for the next 3 weeks and help me reach my 10,000 person view at… Continue

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