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I love 60% of what I do every day. The other 40% I tolerate.

I love strategy, developing new initiatives, expanding the scope of the Visual Story Network, meeting new people, working with teams, etc.

Every role has downsides. I have to manage a lot of detail. I manage my own schedule, book my own flights, reconcile the books at the end of each month and write and edit most of the communications.

I am the chief fundraiser. 

Fortunately, there is nothing I hate about my job (e.g. like my strong dislike for filing taxes).

If you enjoy more than 50% of your job, hate less than 5% and can tolerate the rest, count yourself blessed.

If you like more than 60% of your job...when you wake up each morning, get on your knees, kiss the ground, and worship God with gladness!

If your enjoyment percentage is under 50% or your hate percentage is over 20% you should probably start to look for a new role.

Charlie Matz of Veracity Co-Lab loves

his work and the team he gets to lead. 


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