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Executive Summary: Using Chatbots in “Media to Disciple Making Movements”


On February 13, 2019, 41 people representing 29 organizations gathered in a video conference to learn how chatbots are being used in two ministry contexts to foster on-the-ground movements (DMM, CPM). Levi presented a 30-minute case study from the Middle East and AJ gave a 10-minute case study from Asia followed by Q & A. Participants were given the opportunity to share their interest in this topic. 

Here is the recorded session. The notes and slide decks are available below.

Middle East Case Study (The full slide deck scan be downloaded here)

  • Chatbots: a program that simulates interactive human conversation
  • DMM: Disciple Making Movements
  • Knowing Jesus Project
    • Finding “Cornelius” people to start discovery groups
    • Change spiritual atmosphere
    • DMM Training ground to multiply
  • Creating a bot to sort through people/Create different categories
  • Funnel:
    • Advertisements to everyone-Curious
    • Messenger Bible Studies with Betty (the Bot)-Seeker
    • Online conversations with human-Sharer
    • Personal contact with group coach-Cornelius
    • Discovery Bible Study Groups
  • Ads/Facebook Page--Welcome...invite them to a choice of content
  • Stats
    • 2372 subscribers
    • 1012 people finish intro content
    • 249 completed 7 days
    • Currently 194 seekers and 69 sharers
    • Online responder has made notes about 129 people/5%
    • Significant conversations by bot with 80 people
    • 1 possible Cornelius in person
  • Cornelius success story? This guy is connecting people with DBS
  • Challenges
    • Bots don’t disciple people: tool to focus on people
    • Bot is distracting subscribers from significant conversations
    • Discerning if people have actually shared with someone
    • Moving from online to offline
    • Haters/Curious people distracting online responders
    • Technical/User experience issues
    • Cultural issues
  • What’s Next
    • New campaign cycles
    • Broadcasts for re-engagement
    • Online to offline
    • Integrate and Catalyze prayer with the bot
    • Berivan International/ Full English template, working on translations

Asia Case Study (The full slide deck scan be downloaded here)

  • The Christmas Robot
    • Short term bot
    • Looking for 18-20 year college students/18-30 year factory workers
    • Find where they are
    • Have them read through the Christmas story
  • Numbers
    • 47 wanted to speak to a person or learn more about Jesus
    • %5.16 per ea person
    • $242.71 total spend (ads, stock images, chatfuel--bot creator)
    • 40 hours spent building writing, translating, designing the bot and ads
    • 38 days live
    • 493 people engaged with bot
    • 192 made complete navigation

Highlighted Resources

Email Carissa at to get in touch with Levi to have access to his demo.

Foundations of New Media Strategy Course (Mission Media U) has good demos that covers topics in a simple way

M2DMM and/or ChatbotMin (closed FB groups). Email with your email address to get an invite

April 12-14 Chatbot training at EMDC. Email for more info. 

Digital Hero:

Mike’s Chatbot:

Disciple Making Movements  A one-hour Master Class on how to use Facebook to find hungry people who want to do discovery Bible studies.  Training to help you use media to accelerate disciple making movements. An on-line and in-life learning experience designed for small groups who follow Jesus to learn how to obey His Great Commission and make disciples who multiply.  Resource website teaching that media can be used strategically to find persons of peace who can reach their friends and relatives.

Software  Software for disciple making movements.


This event was hosted by Visual Story Network & Mission Media U.


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