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Outline of "Yahi Wo Pyaar Hai" a feature film

Anand is an inspiring young man who wants to serve God.  Anand works as a manager in a corporate office . After his work he goes to a theological seminary. He is doing research on mission theology and wants to finish his PhD degree. Head professor of the theological seminary is pretty impressed by his intense hard work and sincerity. 

Anand lives alone in a rented room located in a  low level income colony. His parents lives far away in a village. Anand has a good reputation and is loved by everyone in the neighborhood.  He is a disciplined young man who strictly follows his daily routine which consists of the following activities:

1.  He is an early riser and exercises daily to keep fit.

2. He helps Chutaki in her studies. Chutaki is a little  8 year old girl who is the daughter of Bhima the drunkard and Kala the vegetable seller.

3. He assists old lady Shanti Amma in bringing her stuff to the second floor where she lives. Anand is a compassionate man and knows that the old lady cannot carry the heavy stuff like water cans, rice bags and gas cylinders up to her flat without his help.

4. Anand often helps  to find the whereabouts of  Bhima, Chutaki’s father who often wanders away and is always drunk.

5. Anand travels by "shared auto-rikshaw taxi" - the only mode of transport he can afford.

6. He always spend time in prayer before going to sleep.

One day Anand is all set to go home after a hard days's  work and his research work in the seminary. While he is waiting for "shared auto-rikshaw taxi" he notices a beautiful young woman who is standing a bit away from the Auto-Rikshaw stop. She is extremely attractive and is dressed in very elegant clothes. He cannot take his eyes off her beauty. He notices her daily and finds himself waiting for her appearance each day. She always gets into very expensive cars.  He feels attracted to her. 

He is totally devastated when he discovers that the beautiful women he has been admiring for weeks is actually a high end prostitute. (Her name is Chandani and she works for a dangerous pimp named Dara. Dara sends clients to her and keeps the part of the income himself. )

Anand breaks down and prays that God should help him to take away this woman from her mind. It is too difficult for him to forget about this woman. God speaks to him.

Voice of God

I have chosen this woman as your wife. Go win her over and marry her.

Anand is totally confused. He is worried about what is he going to tell his parents, friends and relatives. How can he marry a prostitute?  Was it really God who told him to marry a prostitute?

Anand goes ahead and obeys God. He marries the prostitute against his parent's wishes. 

Married life is not as easy. Chandani is not used to having a limited income. She is getting troubled by lack of money. The couple have three children. Two boys and a girl. But lack of income is driving the couple crazy.  But as there is love between the couple life goes on.

One day Dara, for whom Chandani use to work as prostitute, finds her. He threatens Chandani and tells her to get back to business of prostitution as he had invested lots of money in her.  She refuses.  This makes him very angry, even furious. He orders his men to kidnap Chandani's daughter from school. Chandni is scared as she knows well that Dara the pimp is capable of harming her daughter. She surrenders to his demands and leaves Anand and children,

Anand is totally devastated and desperately searches for his wife. He goes to police station and reports her as missing but there is no clue as to  handani's whereabouts.  Anand begins to raise the children on his own.

After few Years:

Dara the pimp realizes that Chandani is no more as beautiful as she was when she was young. Her face has become scarred by constant beatings. No client wants to come near her as she has become totally unattractive. She has also recently given birth to an infant. She does not know who the baby's father is.  Dara becomes very impatient as income from Chandani is dries up. Chandani and her infant have become burden to him.

One day he decides to kill her. He tells his henchman to kill her and bury her somewhere. But, they advise him to extort some money from Chandani's husband instead He likes the idea and calls Anand to arrange for ransom to redeem his wife. Anand is very happy to hear about his wife after three years. However, joy turns into sadness when he realizes that ransom amount is too much for him to pay. He does not have that kind of money. He is frustrated and burst into tears. He really wants his wife to come back.

Old lady Shanti Amma, whom Anand helps almost on an almost daily basis, comes to the rescue. She offers her gold jewelry and savings to Anand. She says that, she is widow and has no children. Her husband left this money and jewelry for her.  It would be great joy for her to put it for good cause.

Anand goes to the agreed location to pay the ransom. He pays the money and gold jewelry to Dara the pimp. He finds Chandani with an infant in a dark room. Outside it is also dark and weather is bad. Anand drags Chandani and the infant from out of the dark room. It is about to rain. Lightning reveals the scarred face of Chandani. He is struggling as a thunderstorm hits the area.

Dara stops him by shooting a bullet near his feet. Dara tells Anand to leave the infant behind as there is a “good market for babies”. He can make extra bucks by selling the baby. Dara directs his henchman to recover the infant from Chandani.  Anand's patience gives up as he is ready to do anything to defend his wife and this infant. He gets into fight with Dara and his henchmen, it becomes very clear that Anand is fit, and can take on all the henchmen. He does what he needs to do to keep the others safe.


(What if you here instead of having Anand actually beat them, have some lightning strike just as he is ready to beat them, but so close to the henchmen that they run away panicked screaming for their lives.)

Suddenly, it starts pouring heavily. Anand is very frustrated and angry. He calls upon God for help, he begs God to send help as he fears the infant will die in exposure to the elements. God answers and an individual, non-shared taxi comes and stops near him. Anand gets into the taxi with Chandani and infant. He thanks the taxi driver for the help - he never expected any vehicle to pass by at this hour.

Bible verse appears on the screen as taxi goes away from the camera.

As surely as the sun rises,
    He will appear;
God will come to us like the winter rains,
    like the spring rains that water the earth.” 


Cast of Main Characters (in order of appearance)

Anand - protagonist, seminary student

Chutaki - 8 year old girl

Bhima - Chutaki’s drunk father

Kala - Chutaki’s mother

Shanti Amma - old lady Anand helps daily

Chandani - prostitute, wife

Dara - pimp

Voice of God


Taxi Driver






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Comment by Sam Varghese on December 19, 2014 at 1:44am


Comment by Jim Sanjay on December 19, 2014 at 1:31am

Hello Sam, We are filming it from January 12th 2015 in Bangalore. We are planning to bring it to Cinemas. 

Comment by Sam Varghese on December 19, 2014 at 1:26am

Where can I get this video?

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