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I admit that I like to watch movies on Netflix and at the multiplex. I also like short animated videos on Youtube.  


For years I have wondered about what went into making such visual works of art. At the end of the movie there are the credits with lots of names. There are titles for the types of workers that were finally explained in this short Crash Course lesson.


As I have been watching movies for decades I have come appreciate the complex job of the director. When I especially like a movie then I will research other movies made by that director and I am rarely disappointed. This short Crash Course lesson is about the job of the director


Long ago I learned that a movie is made is 3 major phases. There is the script that is just words to describe the action, dialog and setting. That might be discussed and debated by several people. But then when all the actors, support staff, equipment, props and more is finally assembled for the shooting then the reality does not always match the script. The director and maybe actors make changes that were not in the script. Plus there might be several takes of each scene. Then during post production the editor weaves these many pieces together along with the director into the version that the public will view. So the editor has a critical role in the whole process but remains nearly invisible. This short Crash Course lesson is about the editor


There are currently 12 lessons in this series of Crash Course lessons. They have been adding 1 per week and may continue. Plus they offered 16 lessons about Film History that I found fascinating. All of those are on this playlist


Before the internet became popular I would visit the library often and borrow many books. But these days I rarely read books yet instead watch lots of videos.


Maybe you enjoyed these Crash Course lessons and if you did then here are hundreds more in playlists


Every week there are lots of educational videos going online as well as documentaries. I love to learn. Plus I like to be entertained.


What are your favorite educational videos and documentaries?





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