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If You Think We are in Spiritual Warfare then Consider this History Lesson Video of the Evolution of Weapons

Notice in this video that there has been a continual evolution of weapons related to warfare.

Note that each time that a better kind of weapon was developed that those that used them defeated those who did not adopt them.

That is an interesting history lesson. But note when the printing press came out the Bibles and publications of Luther, and Tyndale radically changed the spiritual landscape. Printed Bibles in English were smuggled into England when that owning one was illegal. There were reformers that came before Tyndale and the printing press but their reach was more limited. 

Evangelism and discipleship was no longer limited to public speaking at churches. This was an end run around the control of the Roman Catholic Church and the governments.

Notice when Billy Grahm and others made the jump to using radio messages instead of just crusades and print items that were mailed. Then millions more were reached and came to faith. The messenger did not need to be present.

I was born again at 23 years old in 1977. The big deal then for Christian media was printed newsletters that were mailed, Christian bookstores, lots of teaching cassette tapes, Christian radio and the start of Christian TV. 

Notice what happened when the world went digital.

The ministries could send out digital newsletters that were not limited by the costs of printing and postage.

The Christian bookstores had a limit to what they could offer based on the floor space or could special order that took a long time. Now online stores have all current titles currently in print. And thousands of classic titles that are out of print are free online. It had cost a few hundred dollars to buy some basic Bible reference books. Those same titles and much more are online for free at interactive Bible study websites like my favorite one Bible Hub ;

I recall my amazement when CDs came out that had the content of many cassette tapes. But those needed to be purchased. My appetite for learning the Word was always greater than my funds available. Yet online today those audio and video messages are available for free mostly. 

The radio and TV messages were wonderful in 1977. But like today a person needed to be at the radio or TV at the time of broadcast. Then with the cheap digital storage, search engines and websites of ministries all of the archives are just a click away anytime day or night. 

There were ministries that smuggled print Bibles behind the Iron Curtain. While the Iron Curtain is thankfully down there are those in restricted access countries of Islam that can access the Bibles, preaching and teachings by satellite and other ways. 

So each time that there was a better kind of a weapon system the playing field shifted. That happened both in the physical and spiritual realms. 

Therefore I commend those on VSN to carry on in pushing the envelope as they harness communication technologies so that the truth of the Word of God will set the captives free.

There are many ways this can happen currently and in the decades to come. 

A Brief Visual History of Weapons

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