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Veracity has been trying to get a larger film made recently. In doing more to “network” and find the team to take the film to completion, I’ve had this nagging question pop up - “Is making a film enough?”

Why am I asking this question and what does it mean? Well, the question comes as a response. A response to people I meet. Most of them are Christians and they’re very eager to “get something made.” Which is fine I guess, but what’s the end goal? Are we making a film just to be in the club? Or is it an opportunity to witness to people the transforming power of Jesus Christ?

When we don’t do everything for Christ, by definition we are keeping something for ourselves. I see a lot of Christians say “I don’t want to be labeled as a christian filmmaker”. Why? I know that a lot of stigma comes with that term, but that’s who you are. You are a christian and a filmmaker, deal with it. Either your on the train or you not. Christ has much to say about being lukewarm and it’s not good.

Now let me make this very clear… I’m NOT talking about content in the films we make (that’s a whole other discussion). I’m talking about our witness as individuals when we’re on set, when we’re being interviewed, when we’re networking, when we’re going to premieres, when we’re on the behind the scenes of a DVD.

Clearly we are to live lives that others can imitate. Paul said “imitate me as I imitate Christ”. That’s a bold statement, and it’s coming from a humble man. We have access to the same life Paul did. This isn’t a game, this is a mission field. And if you’re a christian who’s a filmmaker and you don’t look at it like a mission field, then do one of two things - either stop calling yourself a christian or get out of the industry. You’re crowding it with a lie. You’re blurring lines and living your professional life in vain.

I’ll leave with this - the remedy. Get in the word of God. I meet filmmakers all the time who struggle with “what do I do in this situation” or “what should I do when they ask me this?” After ten minutes of talking I ask them “are you in the Word consistently?” They answer “no, not lately.” All your answers are in there. Trust me… its THE best way to STAY TRUE.

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Comment by Travis mendel on December 12, 2008 at 10:21am
Hey Charlie,
I liken this article to something that happened out my home church back in California. People end up working at the church simply because it is the next best thing, not necessarily because it is what God wants them to do! I have been thinking if I want to be openly labeled as a Christian filmmaker or not. Not because it is or isn't who I am , but rather the term " Christian" nowadays signifies so many ideas that I am not. Primarily the term "Christian" in today's society represents more hate then love in my opinion. But I would agree with you.. there is nothing better and no substitute for getting into the Word. Amen. However walking in faith is not always so easy.. simply because it goes against our natural sinnful selves. Know what I mean.
cheers from a snow-covered Germany

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