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Doubtless we pray in our darkness for light, for hope, for healing, to believe that out of the ashes, He will raise us to sing once again, to dance in vibrant notes, to fly on velvet tenderness. Death comes on Friday. Hate will bring down the most beautiful, Holy One who came to love, to heal, to give us truth, to free us from darkness, pain, distress, sorrow, despair, injustice, chains, burdens, defilement inflicted by us or against us....I am dirty, infected, shamed, violated. Who will save me?

The reef that stretches across the top of Australia, and throughout the Indo-Pacific is populated with countless Lyretail Anthias; they are literally a dime a dozen.  They flourish like pigeons, schooling in massive numbers. They sing out in colors, not just hot pink, but will shout out in amber, red, orange, blues and royal purples...praising the Lord from beneath the ocean's surface. Death will bring down the Radiant One, and in Hell's chamber He will be for 3 bury our hate, defilement, lust, shame, deceit. And there will come
song of victory. Have you ever heard it?
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Comment by Marcia Gladwish on April 4, 2012 at 12:40am


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