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Possible Heart Trouble -- No Health Insurance -- Pray for My Health and Safety


I went to the Obamacare website and learned that I cannot afford health care. The monthly premium was 908 a month with 7350 deductible. I only make 683 a month from my social security retirement. Even if I could magically afford that, then I would pay 20 for my Rx that costs 25. I could save 5 a month by paying 908.


I learned that the State of Texas will not subsidize my health care. I was given a special code to put on my taxes so I do not pay the penalty. See the attachment.


Description of my possible heart troubles follows.


So I request your best prayers for my health and safety.




I do my best to eat healthy foods and I take a walk daily.


I rarely get sick. I may get the flu for a few days every few years.


I cannot control drunk drivers or others hitting cars when I am riding.


I trust the Lord Jesus Christ to keep me healthy and safe.


The medicine that I take daily is for my prostate. It is normal for men of my age to have BPH.


When I am taking the medicine I do not need to urinate frequently.


When I was at the homeless shelter I went to Parkland. My clinic visits and medicine was free to me.


That perspiration expired and those in Ennis pointed me to Hope Clinic. They use a sliding scale based on income.


All of that is simple enough. I go to the clinic and get a new prescription. BUT there is a huge compilation.


I have been having MINOR pains in my chest on the upper right side. At first, I thought I had just pulled a muscle. But this has gone on for more than 3 weeks. The MINOR pains come and go.




I have stayed in the hospital one time back in 1996. That was after a hit and run accident that nearly killed me. Thus I request prayers for me as on the road.


Also, most injuries happen in the home. So please pray for my safety at home too.


Normally I have been very healthy all my life. I went 30 years and only saw a doctor 5 times.


Here are my concerns. I need to pay for ANY doctor visits, medicine, and tests out of pocket. I do not have any savings. I get by from month to month.


There are people I can contact on to help me financially. I am willing to do that like I did to afford my dentures.


I have faith in God that there will be enough money for me right on time.


BUT the medical establishment is a complex and costly system.


I have not hurt enough to go to an Emergency Room. If I did then they would send me a bill that is not small.


Basically, I have a moderate tolerance for pain. If I learned from reputable sources that I just need to live with it, then I could.


If these are warning signs of a possible heart attack or stroke then, OK. I am willing to take any tests, anywhere and anytime. BUT where is the best place to do that? Shall I seek those tests in Dallas or here in Ennis?


If and when I go to get tests related to my heart, then what? We are in a culture where doctors order some unnecessary tests. They want to cover themselves in case there are lawsuits later.

I understand and accept that, but I do not have health insurance. So where I go to get tests is a big question.

I do not want to foolishly minimize or maximize such tests. I do not want to just go with the cheapest option. I do not want to work with a doctor I cannot stand.


Here are my priorities for my health care:

Eat the most healthy foods that I can afford.

Take nutritional supplements as needed.

Engage in moderate exercise regularly.

Request prayers and expect healing or guidance to next steps.

          (Note I have been healed in my body due to prayers dozens of times.)

Consider alternative medicine like therapeutic massage and acupressure.

Take prescription medicine as directed.

Reserve surgery as a last alternative.



I will soon call Hope Clinic for an appointment.


May God grant them wisdom and understanding about my condition.


May God guide and provide for the next step.


May I become totally healed soon.




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