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Pray for me to gain and maintain better balance in my lifestyle.


Maybe as you read this you will identify with parts of it.

Maybe you will notice this in your friends and family.

Maybe God will use this to pray better for yourself, others and me.


I request your best prayers for me about these matters.

I am convinced that as you pray for me about these God will bless you.

You might be blessed in the same ways as you prayed for me.

You might be blessed in ways that you need it the most.

Your labor in the Lord is not in vain according to 1 Cor. 15.58.


I seek to better balance the following:

Short term and long term planning.

Taking care of myself spiritually and taking care of business.

Taking care of my health and fitness with reasonable routines.

Making time to pray for myself and others verses all other actions.

Being informed about current events without getting sucked into a news vacuum.

Using self discipline and going with the flow.

Monitoring my thoughts and feelings and just letting them roam.

Taking care to not make errors and allowing a little sloppy sometimes.

Letting go of my concerns about the future and using those to motivate me.

Coming to grips with my free will and sovereignty of God.

Embracing my responsibilities and not taking on the responsibilities of others.

Finding the harmony of using my reason and my intuition as needed.

Knowing that spiritual warfare is real and daily then know what to do about it.

Living in the tension that I could die tomorrow by an accident or live for decades.


I have struggled for many years to have a more balanced life.

I have read lots of books and blog posts about time management.

I have viewed untold numbers of online videos on the subject.


Thankfully I learned much along the way.

I gained many tools, skills and insights.

My perspectives have improved.


I am not as anxious, worried or stressed as I was years ago.



But that is not the end of the story.

There are limits to what I can do in my own strength.

While I value head knowledge; it is not enough.

While I value online services and apps; they are not enough.

While I value intention, motivation and planning; they are not enough.

There is a spiritual dimension that I can no longer ignore.


I cannot effectively apply 20 percent of what I learned.

There are countless mental and emotional barriers.

Otherwise New Year's resolutions would work every time.

Otherwise just writing goals and working hard would become success.

Otherwise procrastination would not be such an obstacle for me and others.


There is a spiritual dimension to making meaningful improvements.

Self help books tend to address the areas of the mind.

Improved thinking, better organizing and proven techniques help.

But down deep under the surface are subtle factors.

These subconscious factors cannot be reprogrammed quickly or easily.

If our brains were just computers then reprogramming life would be easy.


What I am getting at is that there are mysterious factors I cannot define.

Counselors, therapists and psychologist have fancy names for some parts.

But naming a small amount of the many factors does not get the job done.


What I propose here is that ONLY God Himself can go into those parts.

God has the ability and rights to transform people from the inside out.

God has done that before for me and many others I have known.

God worked a mighty work in my soul.

Decades ago I had abused alcohol and drugs.

My mind and emotions got scrambled.

Thankfully God answered the prayers of my mother and her friends.

God placed me in a church based rehab program.

During those 18 months I prayed earnestly and others prayed for me.

There were amazing changes that could be noticed by friends and myself.

This was not a boot camp for self improvement.

It was a greenhouse for those willing to become more like Jesus Christ.


A church elder said I was ready to move out.

I left there in 1976 and I have recently been reminded of those days.


The transformations of my life have been much slower.

I have gone months and years without much transformation.

I have come to a season now in my life when major changes are needed.

This is the time to go back to what worked.

Back during my rehab days I was living in an atmosphere of much prayer.

We were praying for each other and expecting God to do great things.

God did not disappoint us by how He answered our many fervent prayers.


Therefore I have made a pledge to request prayers daily for 30 days.

That will surely cause major transformations.

This is the third day and it is unlike the previous 2 days.

I look forward to this adventure.


What I will write will relate to my internal and external life.

Yet as I do that with openness and honestly it will help others.

There will be part of my messages that will speak to others.

There will be parts of my messages that will become lessons.

There will be parts of my messages that will become sermons.


Lord willing these messages will be archived on a special blog.

Then I expect that others years from now will read them.

They will receive inspiration, insights and challenges.


Please pray for me as the Holy Spirit prompts you.




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Comment by LUKYAMUZI FRANK on February 20, 2017 at 10:05am

God works in us and cares for us all. We will pray for you indeed and God bless you


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