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I dare you to dig deep inside and boldly share the truths you find. 
If you want a creative challenge then consider a series on the 7 deadly sins. 
During these times the word sin is rarely used inside or outside the church. Yet sin is real 
The gospel message addresses how Jesus Christ forgave our sins. But if we do not recognize our sins then there is no platform for conviction and motivation to repent. 
We are in a very visual age. By using images, icons, colors, symbols, archetypes, calligraphy, etc you can be used by God to grab attention and maybe convict of the lack of righteousness and the need for the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ. 
 If you search online you will find lots of artists that presented the 7 deadly sins. You can use those as springboards and sparks for your work.
This site and Wikipedia give a good overview and ;
How can you present the following:
Then on the flip side, there are the 7 heavenly virtues. 
How can you present the following:
Note that each of virtue is paired with a sin at the links.
Note that there are synonyms for each of those terms that could bring out more images and inspiration for you.
So you might dig around online to find Bible studies and blog entries to learn more. 
During the processes of exploring these matters look closely at advertising, movies, TV shows, talk shows, news, novels, Bible stories, your own testimony, biographies, etc. When you put on this lens you will become aware of the ways such matters are used to develop plot lines in stories, entice people to buy products, engage the imagination, and more. 
You might pray, journal and ponder these matters. 
One of the many tragedies of our time is that there is no sense of right and wrong or good and evil.
There is no standard to fall short of or any ideal to aspire to in this fog of muddy gray tones of mediocracy. 
As an individual, parent, or teachers how do you orient your life? What do you aim toward and what do you aim away from?
When you pray for your children and grandchildren what deep and wide principles do you ask God for as you intercede? 
If you tackle the 7 deadly sins and the 7 heavenly virtues then you will be doing a great service to your audience.
So in the long term, this could become 2 sets of 7 images and maybe another set with the sin and virtue on the same image. 

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