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Speaking Their Language: Science Fiction Bible Comic Books for Kids

In a pop culture world dominated by sex and violence, it is getting more and more difficult to inspire children and teenagers to read the Bible, let alone follow Jesus.  If we expect to reach the youth, we need to speak their language.  Our ministry (Beartruth Collective) is doing just that in the form of super cool and contemporary Christian comic books!


Though I have been on this Earth for 32 years, I am 13 years old at heart.  I still love comic books, comic book movies, cartoons, spaceships, monsters, and everything Star Wars!   Five years ago, I was reading a stack of Christian comic books and wondered how cool it would be to make a comic book Bible with awesome looking cartoon creatures, set in a futuristic Star Wars-esque universe.  It was a pretty far-out idea BACK then, as it still is now.  Sometimes it can be really difficult to decipher exactly what God would have us do when we are struck with seemingly impossible ideas.  With much prayer and counseling from our family, friends, and pastors, we decided to go where few have traveled before: into the world of science-fiction Christian comic books. 

Watch our Book Trailer here:

Our intention has always been one of ministry and education.  We’re using a science fiction visual language to illuminate the story of Paul the Apostle and ultimately, the life-transforming message of Christ Jesus. In no way are we trying to replace the Bible or enhance it.  The Word of God is already awesome and perfect!  For this reason, we strive for our adaption of the life of Paul and all future adaptations to be accurate portrayals of the Biblical account.  We’ve included scriptural references at the bottom right corner of pages throughout the book to inspire readers to go check out where all this awesomeness actually comes from:  The Bible! 

We'd love for you to check out our first, of God willing, many innovative educational ministry tools for kids.  Our first book Paul the Apostle: A Graphic Novel can be downloaded for FREE right HERE!  Please share the link with your family and friends.  While we'd love to sell a book or two, our main objective is to help spread the Good News of Jesus to as many families as possible and provide really effective ministry tools for kids. You can read more about our book at Thanks for checking it out.  God Bless.

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