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Executive Summary

We had a great Story Seminar on January 21, 2014 at the ELAM Office in England with 26 participants. We learned a great deal about the art and structure of story as it applies to ministry and content creation.  Story is critical to the mission of the Church because...

  • Story is that our core.  We are created for story.  It is hardwired into our DNA.
  • For the sake of the Great Commission, the body of Christ must learn the art of story as it relates to evangelism, discipleship, and church planting.
  • We steal from the glory of God when we don't tell His stories well.
  • We have seen churches, mission organizations, and Christian filmmakers make progress in their ability to increase the quality of their production.  Yet we still see great gaps in the Church’s understanding how story works in our lives.
  • Learning the art of story will change how we tell stories, write stories, film stories.
  • If we don’t tell our own story well, others will tell it for us.

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Content Summary

The presenters did an amazing job.  We integrated table discussions throughout the day.  Here are topics and PowerPoints of the key presentations.  

Seminar Overview (Clyde Taber PowerPoint)

Why Story is Powerful and Universal (Luke Walton PowerPoint)


Story in Our Lives and the Content We Create (Clyde Taber PowerPoint)

Story Categories for Ministry (Clyde Taber PowerPoint)

10 Laws of Story (Luke Walton)  See the 10 Laws here.

Five Ways to Uncover God Stories (Clyde Taber PowerPoint)

The 3-Act Structure (Jeremy Casper PowerPoint) (WebEx recording)

Eight Ways to Know You Have a Good Story (Brian Bird PowerPoint

See Brian's summary here.

For more information about the Story Seminar coming to your organization, email


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