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Hey, saw this news item. Does anyone know about this? This is a cut and paste from an email blast from Joel Rosenberg.

(Washington, D.C., March 2, 2009) -- On Monday night, something remarkable is going to take place in the capital of Syria. More than 1,100 senior Syrian government officials, journalists, business leaders and religious leaders -- Muslim, Catholic and evangelical Christian -- will attend the gala premiere of a major motion picture entitled "DAMASCUS," written, produced and directed by entirely Arab Christians. The film, part documentary and part narrative drama, tells the story of how Saul of Tarsus -- one of the first prominent persecutors of Christ-followers in the Holy Land -- himself became a follower of Jesus during a miraculous encounter with Jesus on the road to Damascus and eventually became known as the Apostle Paul, going on to write much of the New Testament.

It is unheard of in the Middle East to have a major Christian film about the events of the New Testament debut in a Muslim-majority country run by the secular Ba'ath Party, much less have the premiere supported and attended by senior government officials. That's what makes the "DAMASCUS" docu-drama project so extraordinary. What's more, the film is hosted and narrated by one of the most well-known Syrian TV newscasters who explains the historic events of the life of Paul in the very places where those events occurred. Numerous events in Paul's life are then dramatized using famous Syrian Muslim actors playing the parts of Jews and Jewish followers of Jesus.

After the premiere, the film is expected to be launched throughout Syria and the rest of the Muslim world. Sources indicate senior Catholic leaders in the Vatican recently reviewed the film and were favorable.

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Comment by Clyde Taber on March 3, 2009 at 2:27pm

I know the folks who worked on this. Great people. An exciting opportunity.


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