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The Amazing Truth on GRACE>>>plz read!

For years, I've tryed to do good by my efforts. I found out I was wronged, by trying to be good in that I kept a record of wrongs. Now I just go straight to the cross, I leave them there. No longer do I focus on how good I must be...It's difficult to explain. So I just found that I no longer do it. The thing that I do....I just believe to trust the one who has died for me. That thing I did, died with must I die as He did, that for me is it...I live again, but first must be born again, to receive it! GET IT?

Trying to overcome sin by focusing on it has the exact opposite effect of what we want in our lives. If we fixate on what we do wrong and try to figure out how to conquer the bad behavior, we will always come up with some sort of plan that involves our own willpower and determination. We are setting ourselves up to fail no matter how sincere we are and no matter how much we ask for God's help as it is an unbiblical approach and is a human method. Any approach we take in overcoming our own sins through self discipline is legalistic because it stirs up within us the false hope that there is something we can do to defeat it. We don't have to conquer sin because Jesus already has. We try to do what he's already done, we are then denying the sufficiency of His grace and are attempting to utilize a legalistic method to do it ourselves and it dooms us to failure. The only way to enjoy victory over sin is to rest in the victory that is already ours because of Christ's finished work. He defeated sin. Transformation comes to our lifestyle when we simply believe that reality and stop trying to do something he has already done. We rest in his victory and (GET THIS PART!) DIRECT OUR ATTENTION TO HIM. When we do that, the sins that have wielded power over us fall aside into impotency.

Jesus fully dealt with the matter of our sins so that we don't have to focus on them anymore. Then He sat down by the right hand of God, not because He was tired, but because there is nothing left to do regarding the matter of our sins. The lie that we need to focus on overcoming our sins is so dangerous because it takes our eyes off of Jesus and puts them on our sins and an imaginary ability we think we have to solve the matter ourselves. Don't ever think that sin is so weak that it can be overcome by religious self discipline. Only one person can effectively deal with yours sins and He did—perfectly and completely. If you fall down, He will pick you up, dust you off, and set you back on your course again. With assurance of that reality, you never have to focus on sins again. Just focus on Him, and as you do, you'll be amazed at the way sinful inclination and temptations lose their power over you. Like the hymn: Turn your eyes to Jesus, look full on his wonderful face, and the things of earth will grow strangely dim, in the light of his glory and grace.

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Comment by Francine Wade on January 18, 2013 at 5:46pm

He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.(Psalm91;1)

Walking in these last few times sitting with the Lord, I feel His tug on me to Draw Closer, come take of the waters, have more joy, have gentleness more in your life. So how do I Lord?

Empty those things that are not of His holiness, watching evil on Tv, Had to go. just get rid of it! I did that, then went back to it. back and forth, untill, I had a horrible Horrible Nightmare.the other night Ewww, I had a full bad day cause of it. Like it was a attack from hell. but I did overcome. 

See I learned my lesson. I felt dead, and I dare not to ever explain why I dreamt such a horrible dream.  I just know I was awaked up at 4;45 am crying and begging for mercy for God, Jesus to save me. It was somethng I had to do to forget it, Got up to pray and seek forgiveness Right away. It was amazing how fast I pulled my self together and sought the Lords word on this. We are persucated but never abandoned, The word was and always will be in my heart, Oh, much He loves me.

Today, now 3 days later, Im fasting from Tv or any news of the world. Im abstaining from those things that are not of Him.  Im in the Life of Christ, therefore i am saved by the present sin of the day.  I am convicted to never go back to those things, It is only to set my eyes on things above, those who are thirsty drink from the living water...The Holy spirit still is alive as we live in the world, but not of the world....I found some truth today, Tomarrow will bring something more, as I fast and seek His face, The Glory of the Lord is here. Sometimes my dreams are direct hits of my deep concience of my past and what Saten wants to do with my Victory. Someday all this will be over the fight must go on....We are saved from wrath because of Jesus...Thanks be To God!

I hope that your still seeking His Love too, He is looking for that faithful one, Where are you today in your faith? May Peace be with you as Peace He wants for you...SHALOM

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